Ricebean (FOSRIN): Food security through ricebean research in India and Nepal

Ricebean (Vigna umbellata) is a potentially important but underutilised grain legume grown as an intercrop in W, N and E India and Nepal, suitable for marginal areas, but with few improved varieties, and very poor seed supply. Working with farmers, this EU FP7 INCO-DEV project will identify genotypes and parents for breeding programmes, assess genetic diversity, collect germplasm, and catalogue indigenous knowledge. We will assess effects on human nutrition and assess environmental adaptation.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


G'day to all the friends of the ricebean project & and may thanks to Phil for installing this blog.
I think a blog may be easier for us to use and I hope it will not gather dust as quickly as it happens with many web sites; and if it does gather dust, we won't have invested as much work as would have been necessary with a web site.
Cheers, Rolf


  • At 8:35 AM, Blogger Phil Hollington said…

    Thanks Rolf.

    I think we will still need a website as a major repository of project information though......

    We also need a secure area somehow for exchange of "confidential" material


  • At 4:40 PM, Blogger RAE Mueller said…


    I agree; the blog for the "quick & dirty" stuff, the site for the "lasting & tidy" things.



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